Despite lots of promises from the NEP project and more recently, we are still waiting for our junctions and roads to be made safe.  There are daily examples of poor parking with a particular problem at the Calais / Cormont junction.  The entrance to Cormont was completely obstructed this week and cars were forced to enter on the wrong side of the road.  This is now becoming a regular occurrence.  Instead of starting with the biggest problems, the Council has started by installing double yellow lines and flower-beds around the Halsmere junction (completed several months ago now).  These are a good initiative and also needed, but perhaps not the biggest issue in the area.  It seems another case, along with the LJAG road closures, of “he who shouts loudest, gets most” rather than strategic budget planning to tackle the issues in order of magnitude.

We clearly need to start shouting MUCH LOUDER.

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