CPZ – is the end in sight?

Very good news this evening!  Nearly three years after we took up the mantle of this campaign (on the back of years of work by other local residents) we received this email from Councillor Paul Gadsby

Dear All,

As promised I wanted to give you an update on the next phase of the CPZ consultation.

Following analysis of the results, the council will be recommending a CPZ across the Vassall area. It is intended that the statutory consultation will run from 15th March to the 5 April, with a four page leaflet issued in the post directly to residents, notices in local newspapers and street notices. 

In terms of the specifics of the CPZ being proposed (you will remember residents were asked their views on what timings they would like) and the reports that sit alongside it, this will be published in the next few days, there is a lot of material (drawings etc) which need to be set up hence the delay.

If you have any further questions, please contact Richard Lancaster, but I will circulate the link to the website once it is ready.

We believe that the next consultation is the Council’s statutory (legal) obligation to ensure that local residents and members of the public (not just residents in the affected area) are given the opportunity to comment or raise an objection to our proposal. It is not another vote – it would seem that we have won the vote in favour of a CPZ.  Rather the Council has to consider any wider implications.  A quick google search suggests that:

The legal requirements about the weight to be given to various factors when introducing parking subject to permits or charges including traffic issues and the interests of the owners and occupiers of properties on the affected roads.

In particular regard has to be given to:

  • the need to maintain the free movement of traffic;
  • the need to maintain reasonable accesses to premises; and
  • the extent to which off-street parking is available in the neighbourhood.

Other legally relevant factors include:

  • traffic movement
  • parking provision
  • safety
  • access to premises
  • impact on local amenities
  • air quality and
  • the passage of public service vehicles

We can’t foresee that there would be any significant objections given that we are surrounded by other CPZs.

Is it possible that the end is in sight?  Fingers crossed!

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