Consultation: have you had your say?

The CPZ consultation closes on THURSDAY.  Have you had your say?  If you are not sure about a blanket 9-5 CPZ, the council are offering options at peak hours (eg 9-10 and 4-5) OR lunchtimes (eg 12-2).  Outside of these hours parking would be free but even these small changes would prevent all day commuter parking and abandoned cars.
Remember why you and anyone visiting you cannot park anywhere near your home…..
Lambeth’s Parking Stress survey – June 2016   –
During the survey 3,900 vehicles used 2,400 spaces

A total of two roads had parking stresses of less than 80%, and these were: Loughborough Park Parade, and Mostyn Road.

A total of twenty roads had parking stresses of between 80% and 100%, and these were: Akerman Road, Brief Street, Calais Street, Cancell Road, Claribel Road, Cormont Road, Frederick Crescent, Halsmere Road, Inglis Street, Knatchbull Road, Langton Road, Lilford Road, Lothian Road, Loughborough Road, Minet Road, Normandy Road, Paulet Road, Russell Grove, Templar Street, and Tindall Street. 
A total of twenty one roads had parking stresses of over 100%, and these were:  Angell Park Gardens, Angell Road, Barrington Road, Belinda Road, Cranmer Road, Elam Street, Elliott Road, Evandale Road, Gordon Grove, Holland Grove, Loughborough Park, Millbrook Road, Moorland Road, Myatt Road, Patmos Road, Penford Road, Vassall Road, Somerleyton Road, St James Crescent, Upstall Street, Welby Street 
To take control of our streets the Council need to impose a Controlled Parking Zone. This will mean only vehicles registered to local addresses will be able to get annual permits at a cost that works out at about 50 to 70 pence per day. There will be visitor permits available to households, otherwise there will be pay and display bays.
This will remove all commuter parking – abandoned cars – people sleeping in cars – people leaving there cars here whilst on holiday – bulk parking of hire cars etc etc
Please find the unique code on the envelope with the info from Lambeth, it begins with V1234 and fill out the survey –   
If you have lost your number, please email ASAP
Below is how people responded to the survey last time (2010)
Inline images 1

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