Loughborough Road residents join the CPZ campaign

While our current campaign for a CPZ started on the streets immediately surrounding Myatts Field Park, support continues to broaden. We now have well over 300 online and printed signatures from across all parts of the area that would be of the consultation.
That’s important because a CPZ consultation will encompass most of Vassall Ward and parts of Coldharbour Ward, which includes Loughborough Road. So it’s great that our campaign is gaining momentum and is demonstrating to our council representatives the extent of support.
We were recently invited to a meeting of the newly formed Loughborough Road Tenants and Residents Association to talk about our CPZ campaign. The TRA has been established to tackle a range of issues in that area, among them traffic and parking. Anyone who has attempted to run the gauntlet of Loughborough Road between Lilford Road and Brixton Road will sympathise with their predicament. Damaged cars, commuter parking, abandoned vehicles  and displaced parking have increased there, as they have across all uncontrolled areas of our wards. People who were previously against a CPZ are now in favour – something we are hearing many of our supporters.
It’s time for the bureaucrats at Lambeth to listen. This area cannot be left as an oasis of free parking for non-residents, while those who live here continue to suffer in ever increasing numbers.

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