The white van of Calais Street has finally departed.  It has taken many, many months but it has gone.  Unsurprisingly another van has now been parked opposite and shows no signs of moving.

Councillor Paul Gadsby is continuing to lobby the Council on the following vehicles:

Freelander vehicle – Calias Street – waiting to be inspected.

Vauxhall Corsa – Cormont Rd – waiting to be inspected

And to get clarity on Lambeth’s caravan policy.  There is a hypothesis that some of the garages along Camberwell Station Road may well dispose of vehicles that fail MOTs in our area.

A CPZ is the only way to stop our streets being used as a scrap-yard.


    1. Unfortunately yes. There are many in the area who oppose the CPZ, though vandalism seems a little far to go. If anyone is willing to fund some more please let us know. In the meantime, let’s keep raising awareness and flyering.


  1. Still got the camper van Reg SIL 9045 at junction of Upstall and Knatchbull. It has been there for 5 weeks and blocks the view to turn out of Upstall. It is taxed though so probably legal but got a feeling it will be there for a while.


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