Results of Consultation & Next Steps

Lambeth have now published the results of the public consultation

Do we want a CPZ?  The answer was a resounding and decisive YES:

  • 78% of Vassall residents feel they have a problem parking in their road
  • 71% support a CPZ
  • 71% want this to be in place Monday – Friday
  • 50% want this implemented 8.30-6.30

The next step is for the Council to fulfill their legal obligations and run a statutory consultation.  This is NOT another public vote, rather an opportunity for a final check to ensure there are no wider implications such as safety issues.

The consultation can be found here:

It is unlikely that there will be any significant objection but we do advise and encourage you to complete the consultation in favour of the CPZ, just in case.

If everything goes through the CPZ will be implemented in July / August this year.

We have also asked that the Council look again at the introduction of Bike Hangars.  You will remember that the community was very against these as they would have further reduced parking availability.  However with the introduction of a CPZ it is worth reconsidering this, especially with the increase in people visiting the Park in the summer.


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