Danger on Calais Street

The stories from Calais Street are increasingly alarming.

A resident returning from the park witnessed a child nearly knocked over by a moped driver who had taken to driving on the pavement to avoid the reversing stand-off going on in the road.  There is no excuse for a moped driving at speed on a pavement and this incident has been reported to the police along with the vehicle’s registration plate.  We have been sent a video of a similar incident in March 2013:

We also witnessed a collision between a motorbike and a van, you can see the aftermath here:

And a removal lorry got stuck, scraping a parked car as it tried to reverse:

This morning there was chaos again around the Calais / Cormont junction.  The close parking again made Cormont a one way road, and with cars backing up in both directions it took a resident 25 minutes to get from St Gabriel’s Manor on to Calais Street.

Just a few of the incidents this week.  This is dangerous and unsustainable.


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