Morrisons Update

An update on the planning permission for the Morrisons delivery times.  Paul Gadsby, our local Councillor, has asked me to make it clear that the Councillors were not aware of the planning application (it seems they are not automatically-notified of applications in their Ward – they are rectifying this).  They have lodged the following complaint :

While we support the opening of this retail unit (Morrisons) as it will deliver much needed jobs to the area, we do have concerns about the extension of delivery hours. In the area immediately next to MFN we do have some serious problems both with traffic congestion and parking especially at peak time. Although parts of Vassall have permit parking the area around Myatts Park does not meaning that there is often backed up traffic attempting to get into the area and it is worse at peak times when people are seeking to go to and from work. In other areas, particularly Mostyn Rd, Loughborough and Akerman there are existing traffic issues related to congestion that Lambeth’s transport department, the developers and other agencies are involved in trying to resolve. The Oval Quarter is also adding and will continue  in the next few years to add more cars to the area which will add to these problems.

Our primary concern therefore is that the area cannot take anymore traffic in the current climate, and certainly not delivery vans on a regular basis during these extended peak hours when people are returning to or from work. More pressure at the weekend is also not needed. My own personal view is that delivery hours as set out need actually to be drawn back so that can only begin after 10am and not between 4pm and 7pm – I concede I do not know whether this is within the remit of officers or the committee.

I would request that this application is refused and, if possible, further revisions are made to delivery hours. I have copied in some of the relevant officers including those from transport who have been dealing with this issue. Ward councillors in Coldharbour may have views about this as well.

If the planning order I granted then I would need to challenge this before the planning committee.

It is still a good idea for us all to lodge our own objections, only 6 have been recorded so far.  It’s very easy to do, click the link and register with the site

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