Lambeth Transport Plans

A slight aside but two very important issues in discussion at Lambeth right now which affect us.

Firstly, the new retail unit on Patmos Road has been taken by Morrisons.


Under the existing planning conditions, deliveries can take place between 8am and 11pm.  Morrisons have applied to allow deliveries between 6am and 11pm, and for the delivery of newspapers between 4am and 11pm.  It is very surprising and disappointing that neither the Council nor our Councillors have mentioned this in our many discussions and exchanges over the last few months as it will inevitably increase traffic and noise around our neighbourhood at very early hours of the day.  The quickest route between Morrisons at Camberwell Green and Patmos Road is through the park.

We urge you to access the site, register and post an objection.  All comments must be submitted by 23rd September.


Secondly, there is a major outcry about Lambeth’s plans to demolish Vauxhall Bus Station.  Built less than ten years ago (it opened in 2005) and costing many millions to the Lambeth tax-payer, Vauxhall Bus Station is one of the busiest interchanges in London combining the bus, rail and tube networks.  With the large redevelopment around Nine Elms, Lambeth have decided to demolish the bus station and return to individual bus stops around the area combined with a new traffic layout (two way streets rather than a gyratory).  There is a lot of anger at the lack of consultation as all alternatives presented to the community involved the demolition of the bus stop.  There is now pressure on the Secretary of State to intervene.

Find out more and sign the petition at

If we’re wondering where the money for our CPZ has gone…

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