Consultation now Live!

It’s here!  We did it!  The consultation letters should have dropped through your door.  If you don’t have one, get in touch with the Council to ensure you have your say.  We are very grateful to everyone’s support, including the work of our Councillors, in ensuring we have the opportunity to vote on this.

But the battle is far from won.

All previous consultations have voted AGAINST the introduction of a CPZ.  Since the last consultation the situation has undoubtedly worsened, and the Council is now giving us 3 options rather than a blanket 9-5 CPZ.  But the introduction of a CPZ will only come about if we all work to ensure it.

Key things to share with your neighbours:

  • 700 more cars are parked in Vassall Ward on a weekday vs a weekend
  • These cars all bring pollution and congestion – even if you don’t have a car this is affecting your neighbourhood and lungs.
  • Abandoned cars and untaxed vehicles, many in poor states of repair, are all clogging up our streets and are an eyesore.
  • Cars are being scratched and damaged, increasing the cost of insurance.
  • Many less mobile residents (families with young children, elderly or disabled) are struggling to find space near their houses

You may not experience the daily struggle for space if you don’t move your car in the week, but please spare a thought for those who do and consider the wider impact on the neighbourhood.

If you have any thoughts on how to encourage voting do let us know.

More details on Lambeth’s website here:

And our Councillor’s point of view here

There will be a drop in session at the Minet Library on 8th October 10-4pm.


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