Info on construction plans

Below an update shared by Cllr Paul Gadsby on what the construction will involve:

From officer

Accepted that parking stresses are already high in this area and the loss of any existing parking already on this site would create additional parking demand. In light of this officers have also taken into account that the proposal is for a temporary period (secured via condition) and that the geographical relocation is actually quite close to the main St Gabriel’s site. As such, existing habits/arrangements may remain as existing given the identified parking stresses around the Cormont Road site. 

 The main method of mitigating this is through travel planning measures. The Transport Assessment proposes targets of a 10% reduction in car travel to the site, and 10% increases in walking and cycling. There is also a target of 20% reduction in staff single occupancy car travel to encourage car sharing. If these targets are achieved it will drop car numbers down and reduce parking stresses, however it is likely there will still be some residual demand. 

 The Travel Plan includes measures and an action plan which proposes ways of encouraging and facilitating the mode change and increases in the use of sustainable modes, whilst looking to reduce car trips to the site. Officers considered this to be sound and with good Travel Plan management and monitoring it should be successful and put in place good practices for the future main school site on Langton Road. Condition 17 was imposed on the planning permission to ensure that measures and the action plan within the Travel Plan are implemented and adhered to.


Additional details – from code of construction agreed on the site

At the time of consultation it was considered that the deliveries would take place on consecutive Sunday’s over the course of 3 – 4 months. As such a principle was agreed that a 6 month parking suspension would provide an adequate duration for the works. Subsequent to this a strategy whereby out of hours working during the week was proposed, on this basis a S61 was submitted and approved. The relevance of this is that the period of disruption is greatly reduced (~4 weeks), which evidently will reduce the stress that temporary parking suspension will impose. 

As regards, construction activities hard standings will be made available early in the contract to provide clean areas for vehicles to be loaded and unloaded. A fully commissioned jet wash will be available on site to vehicles preparing to leave onto the Public Highway. Run off will be controlled to prevent it entering the drainage system. 

All vehicles will enter and exit the site in forward gear, in the instance that this is unavoidable then a banksman will be present at all times. Delivery vehicles will be guided onto site for loading or offloading, where vehicles are required to wait on the highway an operative will be in attendance to manage any interface with the Public. 

Site visits have been carried out to check road widths, bend radius and vehicle tracking to ensure that delivery vehicles are able to access the site. 

There will be limited parking on site. There will be some opportunity for parking locally, there will be a requirement for operatives parking locally to leave a notice in their car with a contact number so if their vehicle is a nuisance the site can be contacted and the vehicle moved. The Kier orders to contractors will encourage the use of public transport and trade buses so as to minimise the requirement for parking. Secure tool storage will be provided on site making it easier for trades to use public transport.

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