Petition Submitted

Our petition for a CPZ was handed in at the Council meeting last week.  We had over 400 signatures – WELL DONE ALL!  Surely even Lambeth can’t ignore this?

However we are still unable to get a straight answer on the budget proposal.  Our Councillors have not been able to get a response on the very simple question:

Has a budget proposal been submitted and when do we find out if the budget has been secured?

Surely it’s just a case of standing over Mick Hepworth or Raj Mistry’s desk until we get an answer?  It doesn’t seem to bode well that no-one is responding.

We have also still not heard on the date of the promised meeting with Cllr Brathwaite, chair of the relevant transport committee.  We’ve been waiting for months now.  Anyone with ideas on how to make some progress please do get in touch…

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