As previously posted, Lambeth have now installed 30mph speed signs at the roundabout entrance to Knatchbull and Calais due to the borough-wide 20mph limit imposed in neighbouring Southwark.  To be clear, we are now inviting motorists to SPEED UP as they enter the park area.  There are NO pedestrian zebra crossings into Myatts Field Park, no way for pedestrians to be truly safe entering the lovely park.

In answer to why this has happened, Council Officer Mick Hepworth has responded:

The signs which have recently appeared on roads which boarder LB Southwark were installed by Southwark and are there to legally enforce their borough road 20mph speed restriction. I have personally dealt with Southwark to have these signs installed.  In their current Transport Plan it states that it is Lambeth’s desire to have all public highway covered by a 20mph speed limit. Following on from this Lambeth made a successful bid, within its Local Implementation Plan, to obtain the funding to carry this desire forward.  I am now in the process of scrutinising all road traffic accidents which have occurred within Lambeth in the past three year period  & collating locations of existing traffic calming features and signs / markings.  Lambeth are also working alongside TfL to have the TLRN (Red Route) included within its proposals, something which has only been undertaken by The City on a trial basis.  It is hoped that Lambeth will be a 20mph speed limit borough within 2015 to early 2016, dependant on statutory consultation.

This is no kind of answer, other than to make Lambeth’s poor planning highly visible.  We will have to live with this situation for (best-case) 18 months because Lambeth have been so late to the project vs our neighbouring borough. And we are supposed to congratulate them?

YES there are funding cuts to Councils, but Southwark is experiencing the same challenge with lower parking charges (£120 for an annual permit) and a lower surplus (£4m vs £6.6m for Lambeth transport).  Southwark (along with many other London Boroughs) publishes a fantastic, comprehensive annual evaluation of transport provision in their borough, breaking it down by type, ward and even resident satisfaction (http://www.southwark.gov.uk/downloads/download/2873/annual_report) – no wonder they are quicker off the mark with implementing vital schemes that serve the majority vs Lambeth’s haphazard, “he who shouts loudest” approach.

We recognise and sympathise with the challenges caused by cuts, but other Councils are clearly managing transport significantly better than Lambeth.  We have become organised, we have provided a single point of contact as requested, we have a large petition and we are still struggling to get any traction or straight answers (such as: has a budget proposal been made for a CPZ consultation in our area in the next financial year and when is the deadline for approval?).

It’s time to shape up.

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