2010 Results: how does your street feel?

The deadline for the CPZ consultation is the 20th October.  Have you voted yet?  Have you ensured that your neighbours are aware?

We have looked back at the 2010 results to show how each street voted.  Clearly residents have come and gone since the last consultation, and the effect of more CPZs around us, plus the Oval Quarter development, are putting incremental pressure on parking. But please look at the results and response rate on your street.  Those of you on streets rejecting a CPZ may want to do some door to door persuasion.  Have no doubt that the result will be knife-edge.  In the last consultation there was only a 12% response rate with 40% for a CPZ and 54% against.

Streets for and against 2010.png

The full report can be found here: camberwell-m-cpz-consultation-report_v2

Take the time to talk to your neighbours or drop flyers.  Remember the key facts:

  • 700 more cars are parked in Vassall on a weekday vs a weekend.  We are surrounded by CPZs and suffer from high levels of commuter and “displaced” parking.
  • This huge volume of extra cars bring pollution and congestion to our roads – even if you don’t have a car your lungs are being affected by this.
  • The pressure on parking can increase insurance premiums as more people report scratched and bumped cars.
  • There are significant volumes of abandoned cars, many in poor states of repair.
  • Many less mobile residents and families with babies are struggling with not being able to park near their house.


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