Meeting Monday Night

There will be a meeting on Monday night at 8.10 in the lower level of Longfield Hall (Burton Road / The Nest entrance) to hear from Cllr Paul Gadsby and Transport Officer Michelle Markey.  We have asked to ensure that Ms Markey is empowered to make decisions as we are only told she is a representative who is “aware of the project”.

Please do attend and make your views known. 

We have heard more from Officer Ian Baker:

He advised that apparently there was nothing he / Lambeth could do alleviate the impact of the development on parking etc and that it was the contractors responsibility to ensure adequate engagement with the local community (which has clearly not taken place). 

With regard to suggestion that perhaps parking could be permitted on the new double yellow lines at the weekends, he has advised this has been reviewed and is not possible as there are 72no planned wide load deliveries to site and that these will be taking place over the weekend (again local community / residents will be impacted by this out of hours works). 

I asked him if he thought it acceptable that all this work was going to take place without adequate consultation with local community who will clearly be significantly impacted by these works and asked how this breakdown in communication can be allowed to occur and that the council must accept some responsibility for this.

We discussed the fact that prior to commencement of a major project such as this, planning conditions will normally require the contractor to ensure that a plan is in place to minimise impact of the works on the local community and residents and that this would normally be approved by the Local Authority. I suggested that this has clearly not happened and needed to be looked into urgently as this was wholly lacking as there was no evident measures to minimise the massive impact on parking and there is also now the issue of 72no deliveries out of hours at the weekends that will further impact on local residents. It is outrageous that this is all taking place without satisfactory engagement with local community beign affected by the works or any meanful measures being put in place to minimise that impact.  

And then:

Further to our telephone conversation this morning, I confirm my team is investigating what communications Kier carried out with the local community around the parking restrictions required to bring in the wide loads at night and at weekends and which have left you and your neighbours feeling unconsulted. I am working with colleagues in Planning on the question of whether the works are being done in accordance with the agreed CMP.

One thought on “Meeting Monday Night”

  1. I have also been in touch with Cllr brathwaite (her team again..?), Libby peck and Kate hoey before I saw all this extra information.

    Kate asked why the cost of double yellows for a temporary measure which does get to the point

    My questions to them are:
    Where do you imagine these cars will go?
    What are your plans for making sure that the residents of this area are able to park their cars?
    How are you going to ensure that they get priority over commuters?
    how quickly are you going to take action?
    How do you expect them to manage during whatever process you now go through to sort this out?
    What is the legal basis for your action?
    And of course, what is your objective?

    Cllr brathwaite didn’t seem to know much about it yet, though it seems to fall in her remit. She replied to me last night

    have now had an opportunity to review my emails on this matter and am aware that
    temporary parking restrictions on Calais St & Cormont Road were put in place to facilitate the construction of a temporary school in the playground of St Gabriel’s College on Cormount Road.

    The parking restrictions will facilitate the delivery of sizeable materials as well as enable a crane to be operated.
    I will make further enquiries tomorrow and get back to you with a full response to your queries.


    Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite


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