Double Yellow Invasion

You think it can’t get any worse…. and then they ban parking along Calais Street and Cormont Road without discussion.
Feelings are running high that the Council has imposed these parking changes without consultation and without taking into account the reopening of Calais Street and planned return of Akerman / Mostyn to two way (apparently this will happen imminently).
It would seem that once again our Councillors have not been included in the plans until after the event. But our creative community are now managing to get responses….
A local resident says
“I have managed to speak to Ian Baker who is the Head of Service Highways and Enforcement (as per the notice on lamp posts) and explained the situation and he will be looking into it and getting back to me.

I have asked for his assistance and an urgent meeting this week with him and the councils PM for the temporary restrictions.

 He will be looking at:

1) Why there was no engagement / consultation

2) What can be done to alleviate situation for resident parking in short term

3) Review duration of restrictions – ensure these are minimised”
Many of you have emailed Councillor Paul Gadsby, we would encourage you also to make your feelings known to Cllr Jenny Brathwaite who is the Cabinet Member for the Environment.
We will keep you updated.

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