… But then Cormont is closing again

The roads may be officially reopening but you may have noticed signs appearing to warn that Cormont Road will be closing for up to 6 weeks from the 31st May to allow for a crane to work.  We assume that the massive stretches of cones along Cormont and Calais and signs warning of parking suspension due to a road marking project are related to this but we have not been informed by our Councillors or Lambeth.

Clearly stopping anyone parking along one side of Calais and Cormont is going to cause chaos, particularly to do this just at the moment that Calais Street will reopen.

We will continue to ask for an update as to what is going on, but suggest you prepare yourselves for chaos.

One thought on “… But then Cormont is closing again”

  1. This is not meant to sound like a wailing/moaning “but what are we supposed to do?” but a serious request for information…WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? What do we do with our cars when there are no available parking spaces , what do we do after looking for a space for over an hour and there are none. Can the council provide information on where there are local areas without restrictions? Can we buy temporary permits to park locally for the duration of the parking restrictions?


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