The parking stress review apparently begins in two weeks, yet we have had no answers to questions we asked 4 MONTHS AGO as to what it actually entails.  Our Councillor, Paul Gadsby, tells us he is pushing for information but a meeting is still to be diarised.

We have made a formal freedom of information request for the actual documentation behind this survey.  The Council have 20 days to respond.

Given the swinging cuts being made, is it really possible that £600k was allocated to a project with no clear design scope or action standards?  Why is it taking so long for Lambeth to be clear on what they are doing?

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,
In the 15/16 budget Lambeth has marked £600k for a “parking stress review”.  We have been asking for over 4 months for details of the proposal (which we assume has to be made in order for a project to receive such significant sums) and for details of the study. Unfortunately neither we nor our Councillor has received any briefing despite the review beginning in 2 weeks.

We therefore make a formal request for the following official documents
1) The budget submission for the review: what was proposed, what was the scope, what were the objectives etc We have examples that we have previously received from Lambeth so are sure that an official submission / proposal exists. We have the report ( but this has no detail on what this review involves, other than saying “a study to review”

2) “Lambeth have announced changes to the timescale of the project, which began in April, after it was found more work needed to be done to examine the impact of any potential changes in specific areas on traffic in the whole of the borough” – what new information triggered the changes to the timescale? On what basis was it “found more work needed to be done”? Practically, what adjustments were made to the framework and methodology as a result?

3) the latest framework for the study. Exactly what is going to happen? In exactly what timeframe? Lambeth announced that it would incorporate “on-street surveys, parking stress surveys and a stage 1 consultation”. What exactly does each element mean? What is the difference between an on-street survey and a parking stress survey? What EXACTLY is a “stage 1 consultation” and how precisely does it differ from stage 2?. Please provide us with an example questionnaire from another project.

4) What are the action standards by which the Council will initiate the stage 2 consultation? What do the results of the “on-street” survey, the “parking stress survey” and “stage 1 consultation” need to be (individually)?

We have no doubt that this information exists and we find it very disappointing that we have been asking the relevant Officers for this very basic information for 4 months with no detailed response.


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