As you may not have noticed (certainly most drivers haven’t) the road closures were implemented at the weekend.  Many of you have been emailing the Council to say that drivers are completely disregarding the new signs, both on the quieter Calais Street and at Loughborough Junction which has more extensive signage.  Today a couple of cones appeared at Calais St but these were quickly moved to the centre island and proved ineffectual.  The “no entry” signs are particularly dangerous at this junction as they border the zebra crossing so pedestrians are crossing thinking no traffic can enter.
The Council have said they believe it will take time for motorists to find new routes, but based on current evidence and your emails it seems clear that this experimental closure will not be measurable if it continues as currently planned.
Please continue to monitor and share your evidence with the Council.  The worst outcome for Myatts Field would be if Loughborough Junction is more aggressively enforced but no action is taken at Calais Street as then even more traffic will be forced around the park.

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