We finally have some details on the Lambeth “Parking Stress Review” which began in April.  Apparently it has been found that “more work needed to be done to examine the impact of any potential changes in specific areas on traffic in the whole of the borough. The formal work examining issues in Vassall will now begin in October as part of the first six month phase.”
A statement from Lambeth said:

“There are areas of particular concern that will need to be dealt with urgently. For example, we know that Vassall ward has a very high level of parking stress, as it is surrounded by Controlled Parking Zones causing problems and frustration for residents which we need to address. The Parking Study is not in itself a consultation on any CPZ, however it will inform the design and early stage consultation of any future CPZs, allowing us to plan them properly and efficiently. We hope to have some answers for Vassall in the first six months. From that information, we will be able to say categorically whether the area needs a CPZ and will have gone some way to designing what it would look like.” 

So it seems like we wait till March before we can begin a consultation.  There remains some key questions:
  • What exactly is a parking stress review?
  • What is being measured?
  • What are the action standards, by which Lambeth will decide whether the area needs a CPZ?
We have been asking these questions for 4 months so hopefully we will receive an answer soon…

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