Evidence of abandoned vehicles seems to be on the rise.  The Council and DVLA cleared out a lot of vehicles around 9 months ago but give the lack of CPZ the problem continues.

What can we do?  If you suspect a vehicle is abandoned please report it to:

Lambeth Council at https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/forms/report-an-abandoned-vehicle-form

If the TAX has expired you can also report it to the DVLA https://www.gov.uk/report-untaxed-vehicle

This link will also give you directions on how to check a vehicle’s tax status given new regulations mean you don’t have to display a physical tax disc.

After 18 months we are still no closer to understanding Lambeth’s policy on caravans, many of which are abandoned or lived in round the park.  Most councils have a published policy that caravans kept on the road are treated as vehicles and therefore need to be registered and taxed.  Any untaxed caravans are therefore liable to be moved.  Unfortunately Lambeth has no such policy so we are stuck with the eyesores that can be found around the park.

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