The trial road closures for the Loughborough Junction area improvements have now been approved.  Calais St will be closed at the Lothian Road end, by means of signs rather than permanent barriers.  Apparently the implementation will be monitored by police and cameras, in the manner of the Binfield Rd closure near Stockwell tube.


loughborough junction release to councillors

The Council has also now announced that Akerman and Mostyn Roads will be reopened to two way traffic which should also ease some congestion in the area.

One thought on “ROAD CLOSURES”

  1. The closing of Calais street at Lothian Road will heavily penalise locals, without deterring the abundant traffic that is in the area only because drivers are looking for unrestricted parking places.

    I live on Halsmere Road and now cannot turn right out of my road but instead have to complete an extended journey around Myatt Fields Park to exit onto Brixton Road to access Kennington Road, adding additional traffic to the very narrow roads around the park and considerable time to my journey to and from work.

    A much more effective way of reducing traffic in the whole area would have been to implement a controlled parking zone from Vassall Road to Myatt’s Fields and the new Oval Quarter as many of the cars are in the area because they are looking for a place to park for free.

    In addition, with the Oval Quarters becoming more populated, there will be even more cars clogging up those streets, but no more options to park.

    I cannot see the benefit of the road closure and hope the Council also see during this trial period that the issues they are trying to address will not be mitigated by road closures.

    Mrs Brown
    Halsmere Road


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