Though we haven’t published a post in a while, we have been regularly chasing Lambeth for answers to the questions we outlined in the last post.  It has been more than 2 months but the repeated answer was that the Officers needed to arrange a meeting with the Councillors to discuss.

Today, we have received the below information from Councillor Paul Gadsby (still no specific responses from Lambeth to our 2 month old questions).  There are no timescales in the below, and it’s not very clear what the differences are between stages 1 and 2 (it implies a full public consultation at both stages), but at least it seems something is happening.

We must recognise that there remains significant opposition in our local area to the implementation of a CPZ.  The information below is very clear that it will be implemented only with a majority in favour, and we will have a lot of work to do to ensure we get a high response rate for the consultation

Public Consultation

We would like to put to use this allocation across the borough which will involve some on-street surveys, parking stress surveys and a Stage  1 Public Consultation with our residents and businesses who are within or outside of a CPZ.  This process will help the council to consider local views and whether there is a great local need to make changes to current CPZs or introduce new CPZs.  The council has earmarked your area for Stage 1 Public Consultation.  The council intends to listen to your area and the areas outside in order to consider all views, and then identify if there is a need to address any parking demand and capacity issues, with approved funding.   If we determine that there is high parking demand and low parking capacity, and that there is above half the area supporting a new CPZ.  Then, with these valuable information we will put to council to consider your area  towards a Stage 2 Public Consultation, for approval and identified funding.   Stage 2 Public Consultation will outline a scheme in principal, where we would intend to engage in a Public Consultation with your community and consider all views put to us.  If there is local support with no valid objections to the scheme, we will then seek council approval and funding towards a Stage 3 Public Consultation.  Stage 3 Public Consultation will involve, the councils intention to notify the local area of it proposal to install a new CPZ, with a legal Notice of Parking Proposals. This stage of events will give every person an opportunity to make a legal representation to the council as to its parking proposals, which the council will consider.  After the Council has considered all legal representations, it will then decide whether to implement a legal CPZ.

The council needs to be engaged with local people and consider all views before committing council funds and evoking the required legal process.


  1. Hi, to capture for our records:

    Today I had to take my car to the garage for 9.30am, it turns out the garage had not received the part needed for repair so I had to turn around and bring my car home. Point being, I had to try and park my car at 9.40am which is impossible. Now 40 minutes later my friend, who by luck was with me, is now taking my car to his place in Islington to park. Seriously 40 minutes looking for a car space and there is NOTHING, what are we meant to do? Park in an NCP for the day? (where is the closest NCP?) Or pay the congestion charge and use visitors permits in another borough?

    Heather Briant E: M: 079 7629 1055 A: 18 Calais Street, London, SE5 9LP



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