Cuts to Culture, ££s for Special Interests

Lambeth Council’s Culture 2020 proposal controversially proposes to:

  • Close Minet Library in 2016.  
  • Cut the 2 Myatts Field Park staff jobs THIS APRIL.
  • Cut Park budgets by 50%.

The closure of Minet Library, beyond the loss of a much loved neighbourhood resource and meeting place, is no doubt the starting point for a new residential development.  If this is along the lines of Oval Quarter, it will bring more people and more cars without any associated infrastructure development such as the building of a vitally needed school.

Lambeth Council have had a severe funding cut and money has to be saved.  But is it right to close libraries and reduce funding to one of London’s most celebrated parks and instead to divert precious funds into:

  • Demolishing Vauxhall Bus Station to benefit developers
  • Implementing swathes of road closures at the request of the LJAG
  •  Conducting an unnecessary 12 month, Borough-wide “parking stress review” when the Council’s own studies show the severe problem of displaced parking in our ward?  When every other Borough in central London has simply implemented resident restrictions that are functioning perfectly well?  Why is Lambeth trying to reinvent the wheel?

With all but 4 seats on the Council taken up by Labour Councillors the lack of effective opposition, the lack of democratic challenge and debate is obvious.  Lambeth, we fully understand that you have had a significant cut to your budget but your residents fail to understand the logic and approach you are taking.

There is a candlelit vigil in the Park tonight, please come and show your support for the Park and Library 5-6pm by the bandstand.

2 thoughts on “Cuts to Culture, ££s for Special Interests”

  1. …… and don’t forget the new build of town hall and council offices and all the other stuff going on in Brixton – heaps of local business being evicted by Network rail and Lambeth council it is all an extremely appalling and disgusting state of affairs. Elen –Louise Gardiner-Hill really wants to speak to you, I think she has e-mailed you already? Hope you are ok? Lx Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015 11:11:10 +0000 To:


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