In mid-December we received the following response to our petition:

Dear Residents

 Response to Petition – Request for a CPZ in the roads surrounding the Myatts Fields Park

 I refer to your petition relating to the introduction of controlled parking in the roads surrounding Myatts Fields Park  which was presented to full Council on 19 November 2014.

 I am sympathetic to the problems you are encountering. The Council does have limited resources for traffic management and the Council’s current priority is to address excessive speed in Lambeth  by introducing a 20 MPH zone throughout the borough. We are, however, hoping to also carry out a review of parking borough wide to inform a future decision about how to prioritise parking controls in future years. The area around Myatts Field Park would of course be included in such a review. I note your comments about the surplus from parking revenue but this money is fully committed to existing programmes and to pay the Council’s contribution to Transport for London for the Freedom Bus Pass scheme.


 Sue Foster (Strategic Director for Delivery)

We asked Ms Foster for clarification:

  • What are your proposed timelines for the parking review? When will it be conducted and when will the results be available?
  • What is the scope and objective of this review?
  •  Is it the Council’s position that no budget will be allocated to any parking project prior to this review being completed? Are you therefore saying no budget will be allocated in the 15/16 budget?

Just before Christmas we received the following response

Dear Petitioners

 I am sending this reply on behalf of Rajesh Mistry, Programme Director, Environment  to the follow-up questions you submitted relating to your petition.

  •  We propose to carry out  a feasibility study of parking stress in the borough.  The study will allow us to take a strategic approach to the issue of parking stress borough-wide. Once staff resources have been put in place, we anticipate the study will commence in April 2015.
  • The feasibility study will be carried out during 2015.  While the whole study will take 12 months, it will be phased allowing results from some areas to be analysed earlier in the year.
  • The scope is a) a borough-wide study of parking stress, and b) a review of existing CPZ’s – hours of operation, to assess whether they continue to meet the needs of residents and businesses, etc.
  • The study will provide the evidence base for assessing new CPZ areas in the future.  The intention is to have a full overview of parking and driver behaviour in the borough before taking forward any changes rather than introducing small CPZs which create displacement of parking issues.
  • Any funding for parking in 15/16 will be used to carry out the study mentioned above. As the study will take 12 months we are not planning on making any changes until we have analysed the data from the feasibility study.

 Best wishes

Richard Godfrey (Interim Divisional Development Manager)

At least the Council position is now clear (previously we’d had myriad conflicting communications about how the budget “process” worked, it no seems there is no process to prioritise projects, rather that topline department budgets are set and then individual projects are funded at whim throughout the year which rather begs the question why we have repeatedly been told no budget was allocated).

However, the position is clearly not what we have hoped for, and is against all common sense, especially if Lambeth are cash-strapped.  There are many surveys, including of Lambeth’s own undertaking, which clearly show that we suffer from displaced parking (700 more cars are parked in Vassall Ward on a weekday vs a weekend).  A cursory glance at a CPZ map shows why: we are the most central area of London with no resident restrictions and are surrounded on all sides by CPZs.  Why is the Council spending their limited resources, and wasting more time, with yet another survey that will tell us what we already know?

We have asked Mr Godfrey to respond on this, and are waiting for a response.

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