Our petition will be presented at the Council meeting on the 19th November so we are within the final 2 weeks of collecting signatures.  We already have over 320 which is FANTASTIC, but can we get more in the next 10 days?  If anyone has time to spare a bit of door-knocking and leafleting (especially leafleting of any cars parked in the Ward at a weekend) would be most appreciated.  Again, please ensure you’ve sent the petition link out to as many people as possible, publicised on any local lists to which you subscribe, and let us know if you would like a copy of the paper petition.


  1. On Knatchbull Road there is a one metre gap between the end of the new double yellow lines and the start of a disabled parking box. From day one, cars are parking on that metre, overhanging front and back!

    I have been taking note recently and other than vans which are left here for weeks with flat tyres etc, the majority of people parking on Knatchbull Road are bus drivers and as one shift leaves another arrives. Maybe we should petition for them to get a car park inside their compound. I’m sure there must be more room there than here.


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