The Council has now implemented the double yellow lines on Calais and Cormont to prevent parking over junctions and to create a passing place on the dangerous bend on Calais Street.  So what’s the effect?  Certainly there haven’t been any stuck vehicles, there are fewer altercations between motorists at one end of Calais St, and crossing the road to enter the park is a lot safer thanks to the increased visibility.

However, as anticipated, the parking problem has been exacerbated.  Residents have sent stories of a significant increase in time taken to find a space (this week estimates are around 30-45 minutes).  And the altercations on Calais Street have simply moved down to the smaller bend outside the new builds.

This is yet another example of the lack of strategic planning and joined-up thinking at the Council.  Lambeth, you must do better than this.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more and I just do not understand why the new double yellow lines extend so far from the relevant corners they are ‘protecting’, thus reducing parking spaces still futher. Yet another reason for installing Residents’ parking!

    John McCann
    10 Brief Street


  2. Hear, hear! No measurements were taken just ‘let’s just paint some lines for a stretch’ approach. The ones by the park entrance on Cormont road are far to long and if the council had done their job properly in the first place the white line should have extended a little further and thereby making the need for yellow lines there null and void!

    Cormont Road


  3. the yellow lines around park are a great improvement, previously ambulance could not turn in to Cormont rd due to parked cars too close to corner and ice cream van causing hazard to pedestrians as it blocked entrance to park. The yellow lines needed to extend to prevent cars parking too close to corner..


  4. Parking in general is a nightmare around myatts park and the surrounding roads. I live in lilford road and constantly have to drive around weekdays after work to find a space as the road is full of parked commuter cars. I have been emailing Lambeth for years to set up a CPZ they agree there is a problem yet dispute spending money on new paving and road surfaces refuse to listen to the parking problem, their last excuse is lack of money. Surely the income from permits would cover this in a relatively short time. I’m 100% for a CPZ. Paul Lilford road.


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