Council Strategy – Divide and Conquer?

One of the most frustrating issues for residents in our area is the disjointed nature of parking and traffic planning – locally and across the borough. We also contend with conflicting parking and traffic policies from decision makers in neighbouring Southwark (which recently implemented a 20MPH zone, while at the same time our planners are putting up new signs encouraging motorists to pick up speed to 30MPH. Welcome to Lambeth!)
Our area is surrounded by CPZs on all sides, leaving local residents to suffer the consequences of displaced parking from those areas. Within our area, the approach is further disjointed, with council estates having controlled parking and some roads, private estates or residences lucky enough to have restricted parking. No arguments there – it’s great for them – afterall, it’s our ambition to achieve the same freedom to park near our homes and for our visitors to do the same. But why are those of us living on uncontrolled streets left to fend for ourselves in a daily battle with the rest of London that wants to park here for free?
The last consultation in 2009 took into equal consideration ‘No’ votes from homes and streets that already have existing protected resident parking. An officer at the October 15 Longfield Hall meeting provided verbal reassurance that any future consultation would take a more balanced view. We certainly hope so!
Perhaps they could save the cost of a future consultation altogether! Revisiting the results of 2009 could provide a more logical picture of parking inequality in our area and the inadequate approach to fairer decision making.
We demand a unified policy approach to parking within our area and one that reflects the realities of parking controls in areas that surround us.

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