We hope that you have taken the time to comment on the road closure proposal.  If not, please find the information and a link to post comments here

Our councillors have organised a meeting with the relevant Officers this Wednesday, 15th October at Longfield Hall (initially there was no consultation planned for Vassall Ward despite the obvious knock-on effects).  We hope that many of you attend to voice your concerns or support (for those who are opposed please note that a group of residents have begun a petition against the closures, you can find this by clicking here: 

We continue to believe that any plans for traffic calming need to go hand in hand with a CPZ.  The current plans will inevitably increase traffic on certain roads in our area as commuters are unlikely to be deterred from parking in the area by a few closures.  Instead, commuters will be forced on roads that are already congested and dangerous, especially Knatchbull.

We also believe the area urgently needs a 20mph implemented.  Since neighbouring Southwark implemented their 20mph zone signs have gone up around the park signalling that it is a 30mph zone: we are actually inviting drivers to SPEED UP in the area.

We can put all our views to the relevant Officers on Wednesday so we do hope to see many of you there.

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