Many of us attended the launch of the Loughbrough Junction road closures proposal a few nights ago.


Some residents will benefit from quieter roads, notably those on Calais St and the bottom end of Lilford Road which will both be closed to through-traffic.  And there may well be an overall reduction in traffic as the closures will make it much more of a hassle to get in and out of the area.  Cyclists will also benefit from the quieter roads and a new cycle route.

However those living on Flodden, Knatchbull, Burton, Brief, Akerman and Patmos are likely to see a significant increase in traffic as those previously using the other routes are forced to find ways round.  Given the catastrophe that is Camberwell New Road we can’t imagine that drivers will opt to use it.  The main routes between Oval / Brixton / Dulwich / Camberwell are likely to be Denmark Road / Knatchbull / Lilford / Loughborough or Denmark / Knatchbull / Burton / Akerman / Patmos or Mostyn.  If you use your car to get to Dulwich it will cause significant increases in journey length.  If you live on Calais or Cormont the obvious route to exit the park will be Brief St which again is already an issue.

Bizarrely the Council have opted not to do traffic modelling (the use of computer modelling in such cases is best practise) and instead to enforce a 6 month trial closure.  They have said that closures can be removed if the result is problematic, but they will only undertake traffic counts after 5 months or so as this is how long it will take for new traffic routes to be properly established.

Without the simultaneous introduction of a CPZ the increased traffic on the already-congested Knatchbull Road could be very dangerous.  Yet this is what is proposed.

There is no doubt that the area suffers from being used as a cut-through, but it is also clear that 700 MORE CARS enter the ward daily to park.  Removing these cars through a CPZ would be the most effective, least disruptive method of reducing the traffic in the area.

This campaign continues to believe that the best option, the only option to resolve our problems is to introduce a CPZ.  The vast expense the Council is going to for the Loughborough Junction proposal is extraordinary when compared with the £50k it would cost to consult on a CPZ.

It is vital that we all feedback on the proposal, whether you are in favour or not

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