There have been lots of discussions about the costs of a CPZ.  It will certainly mean the average car-owner has to pay £180/year for a permit.  But given the ever-increasing incidents of damage to residents’ cars, can we afford not to have one?  Residents are increasingly concerned about rising insurance premiums due to the number of claims being made in the area.

In the last week we have been contacted twice about damaged cars.

One resident was unlucky enough to have their car damaged on THREE separate occasions over the space of a week when parked on Burton and Claribel Roads.

One of the three areas of damage suffered over the course of a week to this car.

Another resident brought home their new car only for it to be damaged within a week

This brand new car was scratched within a week of ownership

These incidents affect ALL car-owners in the area.  Can we afford not to have a CPZ with these incidents on the increase?

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