New Traffic Calming Proposals – Have your Say

A crucial consultation has been launched featuring new proposals to tackle the impact and extent of ‘through’ traffic on streets in the Myatts Field Area. 
Don’t be mislead by the name – the Loughborough Junction Consultation goes beyond plans to improve public spaces around the junction itself. It includes area-wide proposals to deter non-residential traffic by introducing a number of road closures. 
In addition to reducing rat-run traffic that blights local roads, particularly at peak times, the proposals express the potential to ‘reduce parking stress as some non-residents who currently drive into the area to park will no longer drive into the area.’
Streets directly affected by the proposed closures include Calais Street, Loughborough Road, Barrington Road, Gordon Grove, Lilford Road and Padfield Road. Other roads will be affected by associated redirections of local traffic. 
If, and how, the measures are implemented depends on local opinion and ideas.
The consultation runs from 21 September – 22 October. A ‘Meet the Design Team’ event is scheduled for 1 October from 6-8pm at Loughborough Centre, 105 Angell Road Brixton SW9 7PD. Additional detail on the plans is available on the website below and you can provide feedback via an online questionnaire. 
While we await a CPZ consultation to directly deal with parking problems in the ward, these plans at least have the potential to offer some interim respite. Be sure to have your say.

One thought on “New Traffic Calming Proposals – Have your Say”

  1. I notice they intend to close Calais street at the Lothian road end. Residents of Halsmere road will be greatly effected by this as we are a no through road and have only one exit and entrance, closing this end of Calais street means we are restricted. As you are aware turning left on to Calais is an absolute nightmare, congestion from parked vehicles is at its worst.


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