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You may have seen the fantastic banners hanging around the park installed by a resident.  It’s a great way of raising awareness of the campaign.  Thanks also to those who have been out flyering and going door to door for paper signatures.  We now have 232 signatures, although it’s worth noting that a petition to get the CPZ hours changed around Brixton Hill has over 600 signatures.  They are also pitching for Council money that they need for a consultation.  Streatham and Vauxhall are also getting organised.  We need to show that we have more public support than these other wards.  So please do what you can to get the word out.  Particularly we need to raise awareness in the north of the ward around Cowley, Mostyn and Vassall Roads.  It would be great to add some leaflets to cars parked in the ward at a weekend as these are likely to be car-owners who are affected.  Drop an email to myattsfieldparking@gmail.com and find out how you can get involved.

6 thoughts on “Raise Awareness of our Campaign”

  1. perhaps we need more banners?? also I know that upstall street still hasn’t been leafleted. as you know I am happy to do some more leafleting – just let me know. a lot of people still seems unaware of the campaign. L

    Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 19:00:21 +0000 To: lonesteffensen@hotmail.com


  2. What area does your CPZ campaign cover? I am a resident on Loughborough Road, my house backs onto Myatts Field South, so in Vassall ward too. A group of us are also working with Councillors to identify a budget for a CPZ. We have a bit of an issue on our part of Loughborough Road in that the north side of the street is Vassal ward and the south Cold harbour. i know people that would be willing to sign your petition from Vassall.


  3. Hi T – please see this post: https://myattsfieldparking.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/myatts-field-to-vassall-ward/

    Our campaign covers the wider Vassall Ward – the council will not implement partial CPZs. We need support from across the area. This particular campaign was initiated by residents in the Myatts Field Park area but we are eager to include the views, experiences and participation of all residents in this area. Please sign and share the petition. Jamie


  4. Traffic calming and road closures to stop rat-runners I am all for that.

    HOWEVER – Have you ever lived under a CPZ?


    The costs to us residents of having a vehicle will rise by hundreds of pounds per year.

    – A residents permit will cost many of us an extra 234 per year, some who have older/larger vehicles it will be 260 per year
    – If you run a business, the permit will 600.
    – The permit is not valid anywhere else in the borough, park one street down from your allocated zone and get a 130 pound fine (65 if you pay within 7 days)
    – A day visit from friends will cost you 5 pounds, and a resident is restricted to 50 day-tickets per year.
    – If (for whatever reason) your vehicle is registered elsewhere, you will need to have it re-registered at this address
    – You cannot have more than 1 kind of CPZ permit on your vehicle.
    Tradespeople have to buy books of tickets @18.75 per day – you can be sure this cost will be passed to YOU.
    – There are limits on how many permits you can get per premises.


    – When I lived under a CPZ my car ownership became really expensive and inconvenient, in addition to all charges above, my neighbours and I were all fined regularly for silly infringements like parking slightly outside a box, parking on the wrong side of a road, parking one inch too far from the kerb, inadvertently on the wrong side of a zone sign etc. (A CPZ would be broken into “sub-zones” and your permit will only be valid in a small area).
    – Once we have a CPZ those objectionable traffic enforcers we all love will be skulking and sneaking around slyly ticketing you at every opportunity, warranted or not. (You’ll be the one who has to waste your time contesting invalid fines).

    Do we really want to live like that here?


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    1. Thank you for your comments, it is very important to have all the facts and a proper debate about this since it has an impact on all residents. Right now the campaign is focused on securing a proper consultation, in which the voices of all residents should and will be heard. Based on the results of this a CPZ can be implemented on a street by street basis in an area that makes sense so something is unlikely to be enforced against residents’ wishes.

      The average cost of a permit is £180 which is indeed not insignificant and nobody would volunteer to pay this if they didn’t believe the situation had become untenable. Many have very positive experiences of CPZs, such a that enforced in the north of our Ward (KR).

      Let’s have a consultation and work hard to ensure all voices and opinions are heard.

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