Budget – How much is needed?

We are told that, despite Lambeth’s £6.6m surplus from parking revenues, there is no money for a CPZ.  A CPZ will cost in excess of £200k which cannot be found this financial year (email from Des Crehan 4th August).  CPZ consultations were previously funded from TfL funding and this can no longer be used for CPZs (meeting with Rob Heslop).

But with a bit of digging two things are revealed:

The cost of a consultation is £55k by Lambeth’s own costings.  A Freedom of Information response has given us the “Capital Project Delivery Plan” for a “Camberwell M CPZ Consultation” planned for 2010.

In a Council with a £6.6m surplus can we really believe that they can’t find £55k, less than 1% of the surplus, this financial year?  If the consultation is run this financial year it gives us a 6 month head start.

TfL funding can be used for CPZs.  The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) 2014/15 to 2016/17 Delivery Plan, Interim Targets and Annual Spending Submission Guidance states clearly in 3.03 that the Programme of Investment should include controlled parking zones. (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/lip-guidance-2014-2016.pdf)

Between TfL and Lambeth Council surely the money can be found to conduct the necessary consultation this financial year?


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