Abandoned on Abandoned Vehicles?

Although we have had some success with abandoned vehicles, the white van on Calais St and caravans on Cormont and Inglis are daily reminders that the lack of resident parking controls make it all too easy for people to dump cars and blight our lovely neighbourhood.

We received an email from Lambeth Council’s Street Care team via Mick Hepworth:

 “I investigated the vehicles you mentioned in your email yesterday to determine whether they were abandoned or not. In doing so I found that the Nissan Micra and the black Volkswagen did not appear to be abandoned and are both taxed, road worthy and in good condition. I will come back and monitor these two vehicles in three – five weeks to see if they are in use and have been moved.

 The blue Toyota Celica is not road worthy and is clearly not in use, this will be processed accordingly. Please note that there is no specific time frame as to when these vehicles will be removed if ever but at least I can start the process.

 Similar to the White Mercedes Van, if there are any vehicles that require a follow up to check it’s current status and request an update. Please state the make, model, registration number and location and they will be able to update you. Please emailstreetcare@lambeth.gov.uk

 I trust this to be a suitable outcome.   Many thanks,  Mick

It’s not  a suitable outcome if “there is no specific time frame as to when these vehicles will be removed if ever.  The Council has a legal obligation to remove nuisance and abandoned vehicles and we residents are tired of chasing.  We have tried the formal process but we are not regularly updated.  We have emailed the streetcare team directly to find out what is happening and to understand their policy on caravans but we have had no response.

Time to step up Lambeth.

One thought on “Abandoned on Abandoned Vehicles?”

  1. There is a camper van at junction of Upstall and Knatchbull which has been there for 2 weeks. V difficult to safely leave Upstall as it blocks the view. It looks legal (taxed etc) but keeping an eye on it! Last year an ice-cream van was in Upstall for 4 months then disappeared. This area is a nice place to leave vehicles for long-term storage, as well as abandoning them. Trouble is that the former is not illegal..


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