Some good news: the abandoned Volvo on Inglis Street has been removed.

Abandoned car on Inglis Street with out of date tax disc.
The abandoned Volvo on Inglis has now been removed.

The white van on Calais Street remains a key problem though the Council Officers (Mick Hepworth) has suggested it will be removed this week.

A van on Calais Street with a flat tyre.  It hasn't moved in months.
The Calais St van is still squatting..

We are still getting no traction on the caravans.  Most councils have a clear policy on caravans but we have not been able to get one from Lambeth.  Our understanding is that if the caravan is not displaying road tax, number plates and is not lit at night then it is illegally on the road and can be removed.  This would mean the caravans on Cormont and Inglis could be removed immediately.  We will continue to push this with the Council.

Caravan on Cormont in a very poor state, hasn't moved in months.
Caravan on Cormont in a very poor state, hasn’t moved in months.


  1. We have a French car in Templar Street, which has clearly been abandoned as it hasn’t moved since before Christmas. I reported it to Lambeth in February and every month since. Was told it would be removed months ago and it never was. When I complained they said that in fact they didn’t know what to do with foreign registerered cars. That was 2 months ago. Their legal department don’t seem to have come up with any advice so I fear this car will never be removed.

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