Now that we have the results of the Council’s own parking survey, it’s undeniable that we suffer from displaced and commuter parking.  c700 more cars are parked in Vassall Ward on a weekday vs a weekend.  We meet Lambeth’s stated policy for CPZs which is “to discourage commuter and long stay parking by people from outside the area”.

The first hurdle we need to overcome is BUDGET.

We need to acknowledge that Lambeth and TfL are operating on much reduced  budgets in this era of austerity.  So is our CPZ a frivolity, eating up budget that could better be spent on the many disadvantaged residents in our borough (as implied by recent communication with decision-makers)?

In one word: NO.

Lambeth’s parking charges are among the highest in the country.  Accordingly, they made a whopping £6.6m surplus on parking revenues in the financial year 2013/2014:

Source: Lambeth financial statement 2013/14Source: Lambeth financial statement 2013/14

Legally, this budget MUST be spent on transport schemes.  There is plenty of budget.  But perhaps CPZs are costly to run?


The set-up cost of a CPZ is indeed high due to the necessary consultations, implementation of street signage and purchase of parking meters.  Rob Heslop explained that Lambeth cannot amortise these capital costs over several years (surprising) but must take the hit in one year.  Ongoing, most councils with lower permit prices publish figures showing an operational (excluding the capital cost) surplus on CPZs, especially when Penalty Charge Notice income is included.  It is notable that these figures are very difficult to find for Lambeth.

Andrew Neather, Comment Editor for the Evening Standard, writes that “Lambeth’s revenue from CPZ permits last year was just under £2.5 million last financial year and is projected at almost £3.2 million this year. It’s a good earner: the borough concedes that the running costs of CPZs, once in place, are low.”.  We are yet to find the source for this information so cannot fully confirm it.

Lambeth’s parking revenue is healthy, CPZs, once up and running, are a healthy source of revenue.  So we need not feel like we are diverting budget from more important areas.

It is vital that we build up strong public support so that our needs are prioritised within the budget available.  We need to show that the need is stronger here than a new CPZ in Streatham or an extended CPZ in Vauxhall.  If you have not already done so, please SIGN THE PETITION and if you have any available time, it would be great to have more people helping to go door to door to get signatures or deliver flyers.  The consultation will need to be for the whole of Vassall Ward – it’s a big area to cover but a lot of potential supporters.


  1. I have just found out about this petition and it’s music to my ears.
    However this seem to just focus on the streets immediately around the Myatt’s Fields. Is this correct? I am suffering from the same problem on Vassall road, and end up having to park around Calais street which is stupidly far from where I am (opposite the Coop on Camberwell New Road). Is the Vassall road area included in your petition, or will Vassall road parking become even more of a nightmare as a result of a CPZ around Myatt’s Fields?


    1. Thanks Constance, this is a really important point and I’ve just posted a blog on it. the campaign was started by residents around the park but it is great to hear that there is support from across the ward. Any consultation will need to be across the ward. We are in desperate need of residents from around the ward, particularly around Vassall Ward, to drum up support in their area so please get in contact if you are willing to do this (give out leaflets, get signatures on a paper petition etc).


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