This week’s road chaos (and small victory)

Firstly, a piece of good news.  The large white transporter lorry which was parked on Cormont Road has finally gone today.

abandoned lorry noname (1) noname

On the downside the space was empty for less than 10 minutes before a car parked there.  Parking is finite, commuters are not.  There are still many more vehicles that the Council needs to tackle.

A busy week for evidence gathering, particularly on Calais Street.

First, a fire engine got stuck for nearly 15 minutes

Calais St 1 29 Aug 14 Calais St 2

On Thursday there was a loud and angry confrontation between a lorry and a car

On Friday a large skip lorry got stuck trying to get out of Calais Street / Langton Road.  He reversed back up Calais and into Halsmere.  He couldn’t get out of Cormont due to the scaffolding lorry so had to reverse back down towards Langton so he could leave the park by heading up Calais Street towards Flodden Road.  Confused?  So were the many drivers caught up in the chaos.

2 thoughts on “This week’s road chaos (and small victory)”

  1. David Bruce took a photo of the fire engin this morning, I will ask him to forward it. Printing flyers for the houses in Breif Street and “my” end of Cormont now. Will deal with flats seperately.


    Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 19:29:00 +0000 To:


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