Calais Street Chaos

More curvaceous than Knatchbull, more popular than Cormont, Calais Street is often the pinchpoint of traffic problems. It is regularly used as a cut-through for drivers between Denmark Hill and the Oval. Unrestricted parking on both sides of the street means it’s pretty much one way unless you have a narrow car or are prepared to lose your wing-mirrors. This leads, at best, to lots of reversing. At worst, tempers flare, cars are damaged and chaos ensues.

This is a road with 2 entrances to the park at either end meaning lots of pedestrians and children.  The situation is dangerous and unsustainable.  The NEP project was supposed to designate passing places but we have seen and heard nothing about this, despite the NEP being implemented in the north of our Ward over 18 months ago (take a look at the project on Hackford Road and the investment in road surfaces and pedestrian crossings in that area).

Many residents have emailed with reports of problems.

On the 1st July during the rubbish collection, a Council truck got stuck near the junction with Langton Road due to the cramped parking.

Rubbish truck gets stuck due to cramped parking on Calais Street.
Rubbish truck gets stuck due to cramped parking on Calais Street.

This led to 54 cars getting stuck in the area on all access roads. Calais Street was backed up, Cormont Street was backed up, Langton Street was backed up and so on. This is a severe, but not unusual problem. Especially with the building works going on on Calais Street, the road is frequently host to large lorries who require more space.

Here are some more great videos made by Calais Street residents to illustrate the point:


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