Last night I met with the fantastic Jacqui Dyer, one of our new councillors and previously Chair of the Myatts Field North Residents’ Committee.  As a very local resident, she has an intimate knowledge of our parking issues and is very supportive of our campaign for resident parking restrictions.  I took her through the key documents we’ve uncovered, as well as the litany of broken promises to date.  

She and the other councillors will help us to secure a meeting with transport Officers Des Crehan and Mick Hepworth (we were promised that dates would be proposed this week but are still waiting).  These Officers are the key to securing our objective.  She also advised that the next Council meeting is in November and we need to have a strong petition to present.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Over the next few days we will be preparing the petition and we then need to drum up overwhelming local support.  We can do this by emailing, but our email distribution list covers only a fraction of the local population.  We would like to recruit some “road captains” who will assume responsibility for getting signatures both on paper and on email for their roads.  By this method of divide and conquer we hope to cover more ground quickly.  We also hope to post signs in the park, library, cafe and publicise in local media.  So if you have any time you can volunteer, please let us know at

The success of this campaign will be down to our engagement so let’s get organised! 

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