Commuter and Displaced Parking: the FACTS

Our meeting with our local councillors takes place on Wednesday evening.  We are expecting this week to get a meeting organised with the relevant officers.  We will be asking all the questions we’ve listed so far, but let us know via or the comments section below if there’s anything else you would like to raise.

In preparation for this meeting we have undertaken a car count on a weekend vs a weekday so that we can quantify the extent of commuter and displaced parking.  This is important as Lambeth’s policy on CPZs states:

The main aim of the CPZ is to discourage commuter and long stay parking by people from outside the area.

So how much of our problem is really caused by commuters and those from outside the area?

Knatchbull Road, Tuesday vs Sunday

There is an 80% increase in cars parked on a weekday. 250 more cars, that’s nearly TWICE as many as on a weekend.

Car Count

Calais roundabout
Calais Street

These cars bring pollution, traffic dangers and impede residents parking or moving their cars.

Calais Street

There can be no doubt that our case meets Lambeth’s main aim.

Cormont Road

So the hurdles we need to overcome are budget and ensuring a majority of residents are in favour (Lambeth say they will not install a CPZ in any street which is not in favour) – this won’t be easy in some streets, more of this to come in a future post.  We will need your help in swinging some local opinion.

Knatchull Road


2 thoughts on “Commuter and Displaced Parking: the FACTS”

  1. Great work! Really good to see residents using their own initiative to monitor the situation and get real data that show’s the extent of the problem. Many thanks to those who made the effort.


  2. I am pleased to hear this as I am fed up with the amount off cars from 7.30am during the weeks waiting for cars to move to park in front off our home and in the evening I am driving around to find a space for about 5 min waiting for people to go or parking in another street.
    Let’s bring in cpz !


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