Brett’s View

Thanks to Cormont Road resident Brett for his views on the parking problems.  We would love more people to contribute to the blog.  Please email us at or leave a comment and we will post a blog for you.

I’m on holiday over the summer. I would like to have the freedom of being able to take the car somewhere and not worry about returning and not being able to park. As it is, around lunch time, it is impossible to park within 3 blocks of my own home. Sometimes it IS impossible and I have to sit in my car and wait to pounce on someone who is pulling out. Sometimes circling for 20 minutes or more just to find a space.

It’s not just finding a space, but getting into Cormont Road is sometimes impossible. In desperation for a space, people park close to the traffic islands and cars, let alone emergency vehicles, cannot get past.
Furthermore, the only way we can have dumped cars removed is by watching their tax disc. So far, we have trucks (over the 2 tonne limit – see the sign as you enter Cormont Road from Knatchbull) that have been dumped for over 2 years, trailers parked and clamped to ensure they cannot be moved, a caravan and truck with people living there, dumped vehicles and countless commuters who use our roads without the CPZ as a convenient way to reduce their journey time and be able to park at their leisure without fear of receiving a ticket.
To date, there is little we can do about this. We MUST have some sort of CPZ.
I want to stop feeling like I cannot take my car out during the day just because when I return I won’t be able to park and risk getting a ticket myself for parking somewhere within walking distance to my own house.

Cormont Road on a Saturday morning.
Cormont Road on a Saturday morning.
Cormont Road on a weekday.
Cormont Road on a weekday.

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