Abandoned Vehicles: please share your photos

The lack of residents parking controls means it’s very easy for people to dump their cars, caravans, minibuses and lorries here.  Lambeth has a formal process for reporting abandoned vehicles via their website.  Please let us know if you suspect an abandoned vehicle and we will upload the details and ensure it is followed up.  Details of vehicles reported can be found on the ABANDONED VEHICLES tab above.

Abandoned car on Inglis Street with out of date tax disc.
Abandoned car on Inglis Street with out of date tax disc.  NOW REMOVED

It may be because it’s a second car, a caravan that’s only used once a year, or a dumped vehicle that’s trying to avoid scrap charges.

Caravan on Cormont in a very poor state, hasn't moved in months.

A cursory walk round the roads also reveals many cars lacking tax discs, showing out of date tax discs or, on close inspection, fake tax discs.

With no parking attendants keeping an eye out these vehicles (which are often in a very sorry state) can sit on our roads for months or even years.

Many residents have emailed the council with little success.  We will now be using Lambeth’s formal process and note the date we have submitted the vehicle so we have a proper record.

A van on Calais Street with a flat tyre.  It hasn't moved in months.
A van on Calais Street with a flat tyre. It hasn’t moved in months.  Tax and MOT are out of date.

We have been asked how we can identify abandoned vehicles once tax discs are phased out from Oct 2014 (it will be monitored electronically instead).  Lambeth’s criteria for abandoned vehicles:

We treat a vehicle as abandoned if the tax disc is over two months out of date, and if at least one of the following also applies:

  • the windows have been broken or doors left open
  • it’s clearly not being used, for example, it has dirty windows or rubbish inside
  • there is a build-up of rubbish around the wheels
  • it’s obviously a danger to the public.

If the answer is YES to any of these 4 questions we can do a simple check online to see if the tax is up to date.  Of course a vehicle can still be abandoned on our streets by non-residents for many months despite having an up to date tax disc and we need to find a resolution with the council.

We have been contacted by a resident to say that the red minibus parked on Cormont belongs to them, it is not abandoned.

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