Why we need a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)

The shortage in parking for local residents has reached crisis point due to:

  • Local residents who live in other CPZ zones and who do not wish to pay for a parking permit – so called displaced parking. The area around Myatts Fields Park is one of the only areas in Lambeth and Southwark without resident parking controls.
Myatts Field is one of the only unrestricted parking areas in Lambeth, and indeed in Central London.
Myatts Field is not only one of the few unrestricted parking areas in Lambeth, it is one of a handful in Central London.
    • Commuters from all areas who park on our streets so that they can walk to nearby bus or tube stations. This is one of the most central areas in London without resident parking controls, which makes it a logical parking place for anyone wanting to travel further into London by public transport.
    • Staff and visitors to the nearby hospitals (Kings and the Maudsley), the large workforce at the bus depot and the Post Office…
    • Visitors to the park, whose numbers increase significantly in the summer, thus exacerbating an already difficult situation.
    • Abandoned vehicles. Take a look at your street and you’ll see a number of vehicles displaying fake or out-of-date tax discs or no tax discs at all, as well as decrepit cars, caravans and lorries remain parked in one place for months at a time.

And, bad as the situation is currently, things are going to get worse.

  • The development of four new houses on Calais Street (on the site that used to be a childrens’ home with off-street parking) will almost certainly result in the presence of at least four more cars parked on the street.
  • Once work is completed, the Oval Quarter development will see an additional 300+ residents move into the area. Few parking spaces have been allocated to the development as the developers and Lambeth Council believe the new residents will use public transport. We believe that the most likely result is that the parking problems around Myatts Field Park will get significantly worse.

All of these factors combine to create significant problems for local residents who want to park near their houses. It also means that a large numbers of additional cars pass through the neighbourhood, increasing local pollution. Further, the lack of parking restrictions means that people park dangerously – across junctions, over dropped kerbs and in extremely cramped conditions. The crowded parking on our streets creates a dangerous lack of visibility at junctions and causes problems for wheelchair and pushchair users (of which there are many due the proximity to the park), not to mention restricting access for emergency services (such as ambulances, fire engines and police cars).

Cars park on junctions and dropped kerbs, creating hazards for pedestrians and drivers. Cars frequently park across the Calais Street / Cormont Street junction in close proximity to the traffic island, blocking access.
Cars park on junctions and dropped kerbs, creating hazards for pedestrians and drivers. Cars frequently park across the Calais Street / Cormont Street junction in close proximity to the traffic island, blocking access.

Mothers with hungry, tired children in the back of the car are left circling the park for up to 30 minutes at a time, looking for parking spaces. Elderly people have to park long distances from their houses. Residents carrying heavy shopping sometimes have to make repeat journeys of half a mile at a time in order to unload their cars. Everyone thinks twice before moving their car on a weekday.

Even residents WITHOUT cars are affected: the lack of parking means that deliveries are missed and workmen find it difficult to get building materials and tools to work sites.

While no one likes to volunteer to pay for residents’ parking permits, we believe that, given the dire situation, it would be a small price to pay in order to…

STOP Commuters using our streets as their personal car park

STOP residents of neighbouring streets using our streets to avoid paying for their own CPZ permits

STOP people abandoning their vehicles on our streets

Let’s work together for a Controlled Parking Zone and GET OUR STREETS BACK!

One thought on “Why we need a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)”

  1. This a great — thanks for doing this. I hope it gets wide support. We live in a beautiful part of London which is being wrecked by poor parking and traffic management. Let’s hope it’s not too late to get the situation remedied.

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